Internal regime regulation.

This establishment is regulated by Decree 47/2004, of February 10, on Hotel Establishments, published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Government (BOJA), no. 42, of March 3, 2004.

Article 13 of the Decree provides that the Establishment may have an Internal Regime Regulation which will be mandatory for the clients of the establishment.

Article 13. Internal regulations.

Hotel establishments may have internal regulations in which mandatory rules will be established for users during their stay.

The internal regulations that exist, as the case may be, will specify, as a minimum, the admission conditions, the rules of coexistence and operation, as well as everything that allows and favors the normal development of the enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services. , without it being able to contravene the provisions of the Tourism Law or this Decree.

The owners of the hotel establishments may seek the help of the agents of the authority to evict from them the users who fail to comply with the internal regulations or who intend to access or stay in them for a purpose other than the normal use of the service. in accordance with the provisions of article 33.2 of the Tourism Law.

The internal regime regulations must be approved and completed in relation to hotel accommodation by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports; Its approval and completion will also affect complementary services when the owner of the exploitation directs them exclusively to the people housed, in which case it is expressly contemplated in the regulation and indicative badges will be placed for that purpose.

It will be deemed approved if, after a period of one month has elapsed since its receipt in the aforementioned Ministry, it has not been returned to its owner duly completed, the date from which it can be exposed to the public and proceed with its application.

The internal regulations will always be available to users and will be displayed, at least, in Spanish and English, in a visible place at the reception of the establishment.

1.- The owner of the accommodation may require those who reserve a place to make an advance payment as a deposit, which shall be understood to be on account of the resulting amount for the services provided. If the cancellation of the reservation is not made seven days before the date set to occupy the room, the amount received as a deposit will remain at the disposal of the company.

2.- Users must pay the amount of the contracted services at the time of presentation of the invoice, in the same establishment or under the agreed conditions.

3.- Two or more people will not be allowed to stay in double rooms contracted for individual use, in which case the rate established for double use will be paid. In general, more people will not be allowed in the room than the capacity provided for it.

4.- The parking will be for the exclusive use of hotel clients, from the signing of the accommodation contract until the day of departure. Please respect the dividing lines and do not leave the car inside if the spaces are full.

5.- Hours:

The accommodation reservation begins at 12:00 noon on the first day of the contracted reservation period and ends at 12:00 noon on the designated day of departure. The occupation for a longer time than the established one, without prior agreement, will entail the obligation to pay one more day. Only on dates of maximum occupancy, entry on the first day may be delayed for cleaning reasons, for a period of time not exceeding two hours.

The room cleaning hours are from 09:00 to 15:00.
The restaurant service hours in winter are from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. for breakfast, from 1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. for lunch and from 8:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. for dinner .
The restaurant service hours in summer are from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. for breakfast, from 1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. for lunch and from 8:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. for dinner .
The cafeteria hours are from 07:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

6.- Prohibitions:

Smoking is prohibited in all Hotel facilities, except in the rooms set up for this purpose, as well as introducing food or drinks to be consumed inside the restaurants and bars.

The access of animals is prohibited, except for people accompanied by guide dogs, according to the provisions of Law 5/1998, of November 23, regarding the use in Andalusia of guide dogs by people with visual impairments.

Access to common areas of the establishment with work clothes, swimwear or tank tops is prohibited.

The use of an iron in the hotel rooms is prohibited for security reasons.

It is forbidden to use towels and other clothes from the room outside the room.

The use of elevators by minors who are not accompanied by adults is prohibited.

The use of the Turkish bath and sauna for minors is prohibited.

7.- The stay in the establishment will be limited to the places reserved for clients, without them being able to access the rooms or reserved or private spaces. Only people registered at the hotel will be able to use the rooms and facilities of the hotel.
8.- The lights, heating, air conditioning, television… etc, must be turned off when leaving the room.
9.- The hotel is not responsible for theft or loss of objects of any kind, which are not deposited in custody.
10.- In case you want your room to be made up, hang the notice “please, make up your room” on the outside of your room door. If you wish not to be disturbed, hang up the “Please Do Not Disturb” sign.
11.- It is recommended at all times:

Monitor and control your luggage.

Communicate to reception any type of health need (concerted health service).

Close the door of the room when leaving, even for a short period of time.

Close luggage when not in use and place it in the closet. If it has a lock or password, always use it.

Take care of your room key, do not just leave it at the reception desk, hand it over to the concierge when leaving the hotel.

Communicate to the Management any circumstance or abnormal fact that can be observed, both in the common areas and in the rooms.

Identify yourself whenever the hotel staff requests it.

Do not display jewelry, money or valuables in your room.

Do not invite strangers to your room, do not allow the passage of people who are going to make unsolicited deliveries, nor Hotel personnel who are going to carry out any repair that has not been required or confirmed by management.

Do not reveal your room number to strangers.

Do not discuss plans for outings, excursions, etc. in public.

Do not show your room key in public.

Notify Reception of any type of deterioration or breakdown.

Put out cigarettes before retiring to rest.

Use the furniture and electrical installation of the room properly, this being 220 volts, as well as the gardens and common areas.

Respect and do not make noise in the room areas during the night and siesta hours.

Respect the schedules of all the facilities and services of the Hotel, such as the restaurant and room service.

Participate in any accident or evacuation drill that is practiced during your stay at the Hotel.

Attention to minors in danger areas such as swimming pools.

Do not consume water unnecessarily.

Do not request a towel change, if it is not necessary.

12.- In accordance with the provisions of Decree 10/2003, which approves the General Regulations for the Admission of people in establishments for public shows and recreational activities, the access and permanence of people in the establishment will be prevented in the following cases:

When the established capacity has been completed with the users who are inside the enclosure or establishment, except in the case of over-contracting.

When the closing time of the establishment has been exceeded.

When the minimum age established to access the premises is lacking, according to current regulations

When the person who intends to access has not paid for the ticket or location in the cases in which it is required.

When the person shows violent attitudes, especially when he behaves aggressively or causes altercations, causes situations of danger or inconvenience to other attendees, or does not meet the hygiene conditions.

When the person carries weapons, and objects capable of being used as such, except that in accordance with the provisions at all times by the specific applicable regulations, they are members of the Security Forces and Corps or private escorts integrated into private companies and access the establishment in the exercise of their functions.

When the person is consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances or shows obvious behavioral symptoms of being drunk.

When it causes noise that disturbs the normal development of the establishment.

When adopting measures or attitudes against the sanitation and cleanliness of the establishment.

When it violates the normal coexistence of the establishment.